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Our Conferences

Our annual National Conference is a residential long weekend each autumn where TFT members come together to enjoy heartfelt worship, receive engaging Bible teaching and to meet other members in a safe environment and share prayer and fellowship together. We require that all who come to our National Conference are members of TFT: this is in order to create a safe and confidential environment for sharing and relaxing together. Please click the link below to apply for membership. Note that all membership applications are dealt with in accordance with our Code of Confidentiality.

One-day conferences are offered around the UK and are open to both members and non-members. Again, there is worship, biblical teaching and opportunities for discussion.

Apply for Membership

If you are in agreement with our beliefs, and would like to join the TFT membership, please click here to find out more

Upcoming Conferences

Song of Songs takes us through our acknowledged desire for human physical and romantic relationships into something even deeper and better. Read this way, it portrays Christ as the lover of our souls, the supreme object of desire and the one perfect fulfilment of human longing.

In recent memory, it has never been harder to hold to a biblical sexual ethic. Those that do face opposition from all sides, both inside and outside of the church. The prevailing culture now teaches that the cost of discipleship in this area is so great that it’s harmful.