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Teaching & Outreach Manager

Simon works for TFT part-time, and assists with the theological guidance of the ministry. He is responsible for training and coaching TFT's team of volunteer speakers, who share from the Bible, and their own personal stories, how the Gospel offers hope to people who experience same-sex attraction. Simon regularly speaks at churches, bible colleges and other events across the UK, and is also responsible for growing Gospel partnerships with churches and other Christian organisations.


Simon joined the ministry in 2018, having previously worked in procurement managing supply chains. He also works for another Christian organisation helping to support orthodox evangelical ministry, and is working towards a Masters in Theology with the Biblemesh Institute.

Outside of work, he is involved in his home church, enjoys retro Nintendo games, films, and vastly prefers Marvel to DC. He describes cooking as his favourite household chore, though doesn't enjoy tidying the mess he makes while doing it.

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