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Nick Brown testimonial

Submitted by Stuart on 12 January 2021
I have had fairly regular contact with the TFT pastoral worker and am very happy to say that I have developed a great initial connection with him. This has helped me to open up about my many same sex questions and my Christian Faith. His support as been invaluable.

Christopher testimonial

Submitted by Stuart on 23 October 2020
Thank you so much again, for the support I have received from you already. It is such a relief to be able to communicate with other Christian men who have similar struggles as I do - something I have never been able to do so in my life. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to help others as much as I am helped :-)

Kolby's testimony

Submitted by Stuart on 3 September 2020
I sought help from TFT after hearing about them online. One of their pastoral team helped me through the whole ordeal. It was a very good thing. My dependency started to disappear, and things were good for a couple of years.
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